Eureka Pet Lover Deluxe

Eureka Pet Lover Deluxe

When trying to decide whether this model was the right vacuum for me, I found a lot of confusing information about its functions on the Internet  and from the manufacturer itself. First, many online stores do not agree that this model has a “High-Efficiency Particulate Air” filter and at least one of the reviews for it here on Amazon (at least at the time of writing), seem to indicate that he also has. I can tell you directly that I checked with the manufacturer directly and now own the fact that it has * NOT * there is a “HEPA” filter. However, more on this later in this review.

I found another confusing aspect of the description in the model number (ie, E. 3670G). Be careful to understand the difference between what Amazon calls 3670 (in some places also called 3670A) and 3670 * G *. They look the same and seem to be the same (both are yellow and black), but the 3670 only has a 9-amp engine, and the 3670G has a larger 12-amp engine. Amazon bears both models, and I almost ended up buying less, thinking it’s the same vacuum. For just $ 5 $ 10 the difference in the total price, I’m not sure why a smaller version is even offered. It seems that this only confuses the question. 3670 also has a * NOT * HEPA filter.

I found that the 3670G is an excellent value, and I’m pleased with my purchase. It is compact, very powerful and perfectly suited to my needs. The noise … while the high … is pretty tolerant and not at all excessive, given how well it cleanses. A generous long cord easily wraps around the storage base, and while the retractable cord would be extremely useful, without having one reasonable compromise in maintaining the price. The function of the blower port is very convenient for cleaning my computer (by blowing dust without contact with electrical components, as the vacuum cleaner will take risks).

3670G * requires * bags. However, this is not a “baggy” model, and although some may prefer a bagless model, I preferred the model in which bags were used. Bags are very easy to change on this model, and not on what extra costs are for what I consider an additional convenience (being able to easily remove and get rid of the bag).

The only reason I gave this model a 4 star, not 5, was that I did not find any suitable brushes to attach. The kit includes three fastening tools, a slotted tool, a 10-inch floor tool and a combined tool with a triangular brush (about 2 inches) at the end. The combined tool also flips over to double as a brushless pick-up (3 inches wide).

In my opinion, this cleaning agent needs an average brush and / or pick up a tool about 4-5 inches wide. A 2-inch wide combination brush tool concentrates the suction in a small area for high power, but only 2 “Wide, I found that I just had to move it too often on large surfaces (for example, on a wall) to cover the desired area. I would rate this vacuum of 5 stars, if the brush is about 4-5 “were included. However, I’m looking for an additional brush, the size of which can be purchased additionally.

Finally, a comment about the “HEPA” filter. Some people (especially those who have allergies or who need extremely dust-free air) may want the cleaners that include this item. In my case, I did not want this, since I do not need it, and HEPA filters can be quite expensive to change and replace (unless you get erased … also expensive). Since many of the online descriptions I found were unclear, whether this filter included the 3670G (in some descriptions it was said to be so), I found that I was calling the Eureka support number to find out for sure.

It turned out that even Eureka’s own service representative was not sure if he kept the filter or not and he had to spend a lot of time to find out that he did not have it. If you * want * the “HEPA” filter, you will need 3684D … which looks the same, but has a red color, is slightly more expensive and has better attachments, as well as a “HEPA” filter. By the time you add the cost of an additional additional application (which I mentioned earlier, which, in my opinion, is necessary on the 3670G), you stand for 3684D. In this case, the 3684D may be better for you, especially if you like the HEPA filter.

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