Cleaning Dog Hair Out of the Carpet

Cleaning Dog Hair Out of the Carpet

Pets give us a lot of pleasant moments – they meet us from work and generously share their love with the owners. Well, an evening walk with a dog or a sit-round with a cat on his knees can hardly replace anything. However, there are also minor problems that arise with the appearance of a furry friend in the house. One of them is wool on the carpet, which can not be removed easily. Also read this interesting article┬á14 best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair burundudutor

To lessen the animal, it is important to look after it properly. Periodically wash it and comb it with a special comb. What care is needed exactly your pet will tell the breeder or veterinarian.

If the pet has a favorite place on the carpet, where it often lies, be sure to place the litter there, then the bulk of the wool will remain on it.

As practice shows, it is easiest to remove wool from long-haired animals from the carpet. It can be quite ordinary cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Thin and short hairs are more strongly weaved into the pile of the carpet, so that it may take more time and effort to clean the carpet.

How to clean a carpet from pet hair

Remove the wool from the carpet

Here are a few tips for cleaning carpets from pet wool:

  • Sweep the carpet with a damp broom. Most likely, you remove only a part of the wool, but the rest of the hairs will be raised, and they can easily be collected with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Manual cleaning with a damp cloth. Starting at one end, walk around the entire carpet with a damp cloth. As the rag gets clogged with wool, rinse it in clean water. The method is quite painstaking, but it allows you to completely get rid of animal hair even on heavily soiled carpets.
  • Also, you can use scotch to clean the coat. Wrap the tape with your hand (sticky side outwards) and press it against the carpet. Change the tape as it gets dirty. In the same way, you can clean upholstery upholstery.
  • The fastest way: mix 1 cup of water and 1 cup of conditioner for laundry. Using a spray gun, spray on the carpet. This mixture will soften animal hair and remove it will become easier. After drying, vacuum the carpet.
  • You can use special mittens to comb out cats and dogs that are sold in pet stores. This is a rag-ware with one rubberized side, on which the animal’s fur sticks. You can comb with such a mitt not only your pet, but also walk on the carpet – this will remove most of the faded wool.

However trite it may sound, the most important recipe for keeping the carpet clean is timely, periodic vacuuming. To owners of small animals we recommend to clean the carpet 2 times a week, but owners of large pets or during seasonal molting should find time for cleaning the floor at least every other day.

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